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 Ravan Empire (бэк пока на английском)

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Текст взят прямо из первоисточника - ролёвки, где каждый должен сделать свою расу. Буду постепенно переводить и редактировать под Вархаммер.

Name: Ravan Empire.
Crafter: Helbrecht.
Homeworld: Ravan System of the Core Sector; Terran - Outer Regions/Unknown Space.
A lush world, divided in two continents and the Great Sea with some islands. A desert passes through both of them. The climate is warmer than on Earth. Ravan has two moons, both have numerous bases. One of them is a component of the orbit-spanning shipyards, another is a defense station. The Ravan system has only 6 planets, two of them are brown semi-stellar objects (think of Jupiter, but greater) with numerous moons, most have lunar bases. The farthest planet has an orbital station on it's orbit monitoring outer space.
The Ravan itself is slightly terraformed with relatively few inhabitans (4 billions) due to wars and recently - birth control. Most live in the Great Cities - kilometers-spanning urban conglomerations. Most machinery and industry is stationed underground. The capital - Ravan Primus - is built on equator in the Equatorial Desert and is the location of Omniscient's core and The Progenotor's wreck. Its spire reaches into space, allowing a limited amount of ships to moor to it. It serves as a transport route from land to space docks and shipyards. Ravan Secundus is built in a mountain range near Primus and is the greatest land fortress in the Empire. Ravan Tertius is the Ravan Fleet base of operations and floats near Primus. Ravan Quartus is the SpecOps base, located underwater and protected by powerful cloaking fields. Ravan Quintus is located in a mountain range and is a mining and industrial capital of the world. It maintains close ties with Tertius. Ravan Sextus is a research base located on a pole. It also doubles as the communications hub. Ravan Septimus, the youngest city, is the base of Ravan Military. The land army used to be based in the Ravan Secundus but moved to a separate city after first space ships were launched. All Great Cities are linked by gravitic engines, allowing to go form one city to any other in ~40 mins. Most used transport types are air, anti-gravity and subterranean. Oceans are also inhabited, there are some more underwater bases and floating cities. Polar regions have ice caps; several communication stations are built there. The space is clean from debris due to debris collectors; great shipyards and orbital defenses float between Ravan and Luna Minoris (first moon). Two huge space stations are located in moon's focal points. (So the orbit looks like Ravan - Ravan Tertuis - Ravan Primus dock - shipyards - first station - shipyards - first moon (industrial center) - second station - defense ring - second moon(defense center))

Main inspiration: AdMech/Imperium, some Dune (Tleilaxu), bits of other SciFi.
Main heraldy: The symbol of the Empire is a white seven-edged star symbolizing each Great City. Each citizen has a badge with his caste color in the center of the star and his city highlighted in its color. The colors are: black for Primus, brown for Secundus, light-blue for Tertius, silver for Quartus, yellow for Quintus, blue for Sextus, and red for Septimus. Common design colors are pitch black and silver; red, blue and teal for various lights and holograms.
Structure: Technocracy/Empire/Caste system, ruled by reincarnated Master of the Empire aka Emperor and the Caste Masters. Omniscient - a cluster of partially independent AIs of several Imperial planets + conscience of previous Masters, stored mostly in memory + grade of connection to every citizen (not criminals Wink disconnection is one kind of punishment). Not everyone is fully connected as one can lose free will and/or sanity.
The Omniscient takes the role of the government and military command chain.
The Empire is organized into several subgroups and castes, each has a base on Ravan itself. The society is divided into two parts - the genetically engineered Ravan Castes, usually far superior to an ordinary human in their particular area, and the ordinary "freeborn". The groups and castes are that of the city and profession. Usually, each city's education ad eugenics system specializes in a certain profession and science area.
Language: official Latin + local + limited telephaty via cybernetics.
Physiology: Ordinary human/caste members - cyborgs - Omniscient - AIs.

Basis - the graviton generator of The Progenitor and it's information database.
The gravity engine is the main FTL technology, creating and sustaining wormholes, significally shortening the time needed for travel.
It also creates a "counterbalance" that covers the ship preventing it from warping.
The graviton generator allows it's user to manipulate gravity to limited extent and enables anti-gravity.
The wormhole reacts on a big mass nearby, so long ones can't be formed near stars unless made by an orbital station.
(Same as the hyperspace in Star Wars actually).

Shield generator - main defense system besides composite armor. Creates a bubble-zone around the generator that has following qualities:
- Disperses sufficiently high energy to trigger it. This includes kinetic and heat energy. Slow and very fast objects can bypass it.
- Needs to be sustained by the generator. Unsustained shield will collapse once it's energy is depleted via aforementioned means.
- Is formed by "shield pylons" that are located on the ship's surface.
- Is not a homogeneous object - it can be penetrated/broken in one place. This depends on it's surface area.
- Several shield generators can work on a single shield.
- Interacts with metal objects.

Stealth generator - another common defense method. Gives limited invisibility, masks (but not completely) heat signature and other means of detection. It's not a panacea, though, so one should take precaution methods to avoid detection (e.g. limit movement and communication). The wearer can be detected if close AND you're looking for him.

Weapons - vary, main weapon systems are plasma guns and lasers. Weapons of mass destruction are widely used, mostly thermonuclear, also antimatter weaponry to limited extent due to complexity. Poisons and biological weapons are used on the surface, but rarely because of difficulties in stopping them. Flamers and explosives are a lot more destructive. Missiles are widely used to counter the energy shields, braking before it. Firearm and railgun weaponry are rare; very powerful railguns are sometimes used. Close-combat weapons (and sometimes ramming techniques) are widely used as another counter for shields. Some types of CCW include anti-shield which allows it to bypass shields completely without using complex penetrating techniques. Plasma swords are rare weapons which use shield technology to hold a beam of plasma; the holding field collapses when in contact with solid objects, but reenables once plasma burns it. Requires a plasma generator which is big and costly, so plasma swords are rarely seen outside Ravan military.

Ships - vary from fighters and bombers, shuttles, corvettes, frigates, battleships to battlestations and orbital stations. Generally built from composites. Ravan shipyards builts ships with very few crew, 100 for battleships, and superior armor. Usually are simple geometrical shapes; atmospheric vessels use anti-gravity. Large ships are moved by nuclear engines (, far travels are shortcutted by their FTL engines. Some orbital stations allow other ships to travel significantly faster between them due to their more advanced gravity engines and the fact that the wormhole is created from both sides.
The ships themselves are multi-purpose; energy from the reactor can be distributed between speed (engines), defense (shields) and firepower (weapons) freely. The bulk is armed with multiple weapon systems, hangars and assault troops, although specialized ships are available too.
Orbital stations are "armed" with their massive graviton generators and gravity engines that offset their general lack of speed, allowing them to literally manipulate whole fleets and bring reinforcements into battle. In peace time they serve as travel nodes, ship construction and repair points, bases for mining operations and more, exploiting their modularity to the fullest. Rare examples are orbital cities and solar energy collection points. Battlestations are generally a subtype, but very large ships are also called that. Their gravity manipulation ability is lower, but they have vast weapon systems to engage small fleets on their own; some bear experimental weapons or other military equipment that require more power than is available on lesser ships. They also significantly add to fleet's resilence via their large shields, limited repair ability and powerful gravity engines.

Ground troops - divide into five main types: Crusaders, Marines, Spec-Ops, militia, and non-believers.
Crusaders are shock-troops that are used in capturing planets and boarding operations. They are armed with various equipment which is modular and is changed or reconfigured on-the-fly and mostly use exoskeletons with AI built-in to aid the user. Crusaders are deployed by three main methods - drop-pods, transport shuttles and specialized corvettes. Drop-pods are used when other methods are unavailable or perilous; they provide most speed and stealth, but haven't any additional equipment. Transport shuttles are gunships bigger than a fighter, but unarmed. It is usually used in mass-landings after a landing zone is secured. They carry some equipment, but it's mostly carried in Transport corvettes are the most used variant, they carry less troops but provide fire support, additional equipment and medical facilities, as well as more safety. Some carry drop-pod launching tubes for short missions; the troops will be extracted by the corvette then. They are used in assaults and boarding actions, in space, air and ground. Crusaders' tactics usually use this versatility and ability to quickly change equipment to great extent. The troopers that excel at some aspect are usually assigned to the commander that uses it for maximum effectiveness. Squads are made by the same means.
Looks something like those:

Vehicles that are used are mostly anti-grav, but modular, allowing for multiple variants of a single chassis, incl. weapons, propulsion and "free space" usage. They ain't as flexible as infantry since they require larger facilities to rearm (usually mounted on ship class "frigate" onward).

Marines are the forces of the Ravan Fleet, they use mostly the same equipment (except vehicles), but have more units with a heavy battlesuits and heavier armor on standard troops, and specialize in boarding and ship defense operations. They also include various explorers and reconnaissance specialists, such as "hulk exploration teams", which board ghost ships, builders, which aid in building military bases (built by military specialists), research outposts, orbital defenses and anything needed, asteroid mining defense forces, which are self-explanatory, and others.

Spec-Ops are the special operations forces (obviously). Their role usually overlaps with Military, and some units belong to both, but they're independent from each other. They specialize in assassination, sabotage, demolition, sniping and also diplomacy. Their equipment are on the edge of technological innovations - stealth suits with low power consumption, powerful yet portable lasers, miniaturized weapons, long-range communications etc.

Militia are a military designation for ordinary human troops. They usually are recruited civillians, both those who were taught how to fight, and those who weren't (usually on newly conquered planets). They are exclusively used in planetary defense, building and manning various fortifications as they are vulnerable in the open. They are still considerably well armed, though.

Non-believers are armed forces of the planets conquered by the Empire. They are also only used in defense, generally on their home planet, and are in process of refitting as are all conquered planets.

Armed forces structure:
All armed forces of the Empire are formed into individual Centuria counting 100 me each, led by a Centurion Major and Centurian Minor in the first squad. Centuria are commonly organized into Legions, led by Legate Major and Legate Minor of the first Centuria. Common structure for a legion is 6 Companies from Military, 2 Companies from Fleet and 2 Companies from the SpecOps. Omniscient coordinates all forces and can substitute commanders if needed. Individual veteran companies are given a greater independence; they're usually specialized in a particular aspect of the warfare and requested when needed.

Army List (WIP):
Basic squad of the Ravan Military. 10 men aka decuria. Led by Decurion Major, who is in charge of the squad's actions, and Decurion Minor, who is a squad champion, being the most experienced warrior after the Decurion Major and his replacement should he be disabled. The squad can also split into two demi-decuria, led by both decurions. "Do everything". Equipped with battlesuits; these are highly modular, so Warriors can be armed with almost everything, limited only by weight and energy supply. Weapons can be handheld, mounted under arms or on shoulders. Usually armed with lasguns and take 2 assault and 2 heavy weapons.
Weapons available (heavy weapons take energy from equipment when used or need to store ammunition): Laspistol (one-handed), lasgun, double lasgun, plasma gun, flamer, heavy flamer (heavy), missile launcher (heavy), lascannon (heavy), pulse laser (heavy), railgun (both a "powerful" variant and "rapid-firing"; first penetrates shields, second is very effective against unarmored infantry).
Additional weapons: knife, CCW/anti-shield CCW/plasma sword, grenades, grenade launcher (wrist-mounted).
Equipment: shield generator, stealth generator, small EMP generator, jetpack.
Additional equipment: long-range sensors, long-range comms.
Integrated equipment: helmet - sensor array (incl. targeter, range finder, heat and UV sensors; improves sight, hearing and smell), comms, AI; chest - life support system, power generator; legs - maneuver engines (for space and jetpack); left arm - generic equipment (e.g. "cable shooter", holoprojector) and a small lasgun; right arm - retractable blade.
Armor: Medium Battlesuit with additional armor (rarely used by Military), Heavy Battlesuit (a lot bigger version of standard battlesuit; has two weapon mounts in the arms, two equipment mounts in the backpack and universal mounts on the shoulders, giving it a considerable firepower and versatility).

These are the scout/recon, sniper, demolition and field engineer squad. Belong to SpecOps. They are sent before or alongside main troops to scout/provide medium-range fire support and direct builder drones. Apart from reconnaissance they are specifically tasked with gathering information about the enemy itself.
Armed with light battlesuits, which are less protected but more agile than regular ones; their protection is still formidable, though. Common weapons include laser rifles, laser pistols, various explosives and grenades (with grenade launchers). Light battlesuits are compatible with ordinary ones, so all Warrior equipment also applies, although less commonly. They are by default equipped with stealth generators.

Belong to the Fleet. Heavily armed and armored with additional armor plates, they are among the first to land on enemy territory or defend the ship. They are also tasked with direct assault (while Warriors are tasked with aerial assault and specific objectives), but can also substitute Warriors if necessary; their heavier armor limits this use, though. Their heavier battlesuits allow them to take equipment and heavy weapon at the same time. Marines also have more Heavy Battlesuits at their disposal.

Are built on a frigate. Divide into classes such as tanks, walkers and fighters. There are more. Vary from a light buggy to a giant floating carrier (atmospheric ships are "counted" as vehicles and subordinate Ravan Military).
Divide into six classes by the chassis used - light, medium, heavy, assault, super-heavy; airships have the same division as space ships, but are generally smaller, reaching 300-400m length. Modular, universal and assembled in a frigate or bigger for a specific task. Most use anti-grav propulsion, but treads and wheels are also used when additional weight support is needed. All chassises have a "free space" inside that can be used in a variety of ways, including transport, troop transport, additional reactor or power cells, ammunition, additional engines, more powerful shield generator and many more. Most have an inbuilt power generator, some also include a stealth generator but that limits other options due to energy consumption. Some (lighter) chassises are atmospheric flight-capable. They are usually deployed via shuttles or bigger transports; atmospheric ships require the carrier to be in a low orbit to deploy.
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